7 Soccer Players’ Favorite Training Equipment

“We’re talking about practice,” said Allen Iverson when it comes to improving your game. We don’t mean it in a sardonic tone, as he did. It all starts with training the proper way during your practice sessions, and you need the appropriate equipment to do so. There’s no shortage of apparel to choose from, whether it’s goals, rebounders, pinnies, or balls. We’ve compiled a list of the finest soccer training equipment on the market today, based on our team’s expertise. We picked these items because they are useful, geared toward improving specific abilities, and, in most cases, reasonably priced.

1. Kwik Goal – Mini Disc Cone Set

Cones are a given for any coach. It’s an obvious truth. KwikGoal’s Mini Disc Cones are ideal for both coaches and players since they’re small and durable. The benefits of these little cones include their durability, which is comparable to that of the larger ones, as well as their compactness on the field, which makes them extremely easy to see. They’re also light and simple to transport around than the bigger model. Smaller cones allow for more precise control over the ball, as well as more obstacles to dribble through and pass through.

2. SKLZ – Goalshot

The SKLZ Goalshot is a shooting practice tool that looks like a soccer ball. The openings of the SKLZ Goalshot trainer are in the corners, bottom, and top of each net, making it made especially for shot training. Whether you want to enhance your shooting skills or use them for competitions in training, the SKLZ Goalshot is a fantastic addition to any training program. Despite the fact that there are some limitations with the SKLZ Goalshot, this one is clearly the best quality. This was an easy choice to make on our list of top soccer training equipment.

3. QuickPlay PRO – Rebounder

The rebounder is a wonderful way for players to practice on their own. The ball may shoot back at the player practising their passing, control, and more if it is driven into the goal. The Rebounder by Quickplay PRO is a very durable device that offers numerous set-up options. One of the most prevalent problems with rebounders is the strength of the netting. This rebounder’s netting is strong, and it has received a lot of good comments about its structural soundness. In addition, this rebounder comes with a 2-year warranty as standard protection against defects or malfunctions.

4. PUGG – 6 Foot Pop-up Soccer Goals

Pugg goals are a well-known type of small-sided game. Pugg goals are very light and portable, making them ideal for all ages. Pugg goals come in their own carrying sleeve and require no beams or poles to set up; instead, they’re foldable and can be pegged into the earth. If the pegs on the original 6ft wide goal set break, most manufacturers provide a replacement kit.

5. SKLZ – Agility Ladder

In most situations, agility ladders are employed for older teams or individual training; the SKLZ agility ladder is ideal for boosting fast feet. The agility ladder from SKLZ is strong and can be readily moved about with a carrying bag. This is a necessary but simple entry on any list of the finest soccer training equipment.

6. Select – Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Select has you covered if there’s any ball strong enough to withstand years of training. The Numero 10 Soccer ball is composed of synthetic leather and hand-stitched panels, which makes it a favorite for training and match balls.

7. Unlimited Potential – Training Pinnies

Pinnies are worn by every soccer team in order to participate against one another in training. Adidas produces its own training bib, but it is prone to ripping with a low-quality cloth. Unlimited’s bibs are made well and can endure lots of use. While a bib isn’t required for individual training, they’re an important addition to any coach’s equipment haul.